E-cigarette techology smoking hot while cities struggle with regulations

E-Cigarettes: The Last Bastion Of My Analog Life Goes Digital

Benjamin Ocampo, owner of the The Vape Supply Company on North Hill Avenue in Pasadena, said he was going for a lounge-like atmosphere with taupe-colored walls, a long wooden bar and booth-style seating. Customers can purchase low- to high-end devices and sit and “vape” at the juice bar. The most popular flavor is watermelon mint, staffers said. Marco Malfitano, 44, of Pasadena, said he vapes “anywhere and everywhere.” A 30-year cigarette smoker, Malfitano said the devices helped him quit. He said some local bars and restaurants are “vape-friendly” because they are educated about it, while others will ask him to step outside because they have a no-smoking policy. He said he’ll try to explain that it is not smoke but vapor or steam, but he’ll gladly step outside with cigarette smokers.
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Vapor shops growing in popularity in SWFL

Ratzmann was shopping for his 19-year-old son, who currently smokes a pack a day. “He’s tried the gum, he’s tried the patches,” Ratzmann said. He hopes vapor does the trick.
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E-smokes rising: Sales skyrocket for ‘healthier’ nicotine fix

“E-cigarettes satisfy the oral fixation by having something to put in your mouth and puff on. It’s that whole sensation of smoking without all the messiness — the smell, ash and burn holes in your shirts,” he said, noting his wife, a former cigarette smoker, now only smokes e-cigarettes. “Another benefit is it ends up being cheaper than smoking either cigarettes or cigars,” he added.
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Honestly, it’s almost impossible to really tell the difference between them. Some come as a stand alone package you can buy in a convenience store (blu); others can only be ordered online. Some create a lot of smoke-like vapor when you exhale, while others emit very little. Most have tips that light up when you inhale in a variety of colorsorange, blue, green and so forth. How E-Cigarettes Work Typically, e-cigarettes consist of two components: a battery and an atomizer.
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